4 steps to buying a beautiful Diamond

When buying a diamond or an engagement ring, buying the most beautiful diamond is of course everyone’s top priority.
Here's how in 4 steps.
The first step and by far the most important one, is deciding not to compromise on the cut of the diamond, a.k.a. the proportions of the Diamond. This is by far the most important factor influencing the overall beauty and brilliance of your diamond. Cut should NEVER be compromised.
Step 2. BUDGET
After cutting, determine your BUDGET. The common guidelines, which were not surprisingly created by the Diamond industry itself, is 2 to 3 months salary. If you’re comfortable with that, great, that’ll definitely work, as long as you pick a number that makes sense for YOU, and decide ahead of time not to go over it. There’s a beautiful diamond for every budget. Once your budget is set, now you can focus on maximizing the Diamond QUALITY and CARAT size.
Step 3: SHAPE
Decide on a diamond SHAPE. It could be that your intention has already given you a hint. If not, his or her friends can probably steer you in the right direction.
Popular Diamond shapes
In general, round Is the most popular shape by far, comprising more than 50% of all engagement rings. Round diamonds are also the brightest of all diamond cuts, producing the most light return. They are also the most expensive.
Non-rounds, also known as fancy shapes, include cushion cut, which is quite popular, princess, pear shape, oval, emerald, Asscher, radiant, and marquise. 
Once you've decided on a diamond shape, the fourth and last step is based on your personal preference, of size, versus quality. From these 2 statements, which resonates with you more?
" I need a minimum CARAT size of X"
"I need a minimum CLARITY of X"
Whichever comes first, set that as your minimum or base level, and then maximize the other.
For example, if your priority is size, Then set your minimum carat size, say at least a 2 carat diamond, that’s your minimum and your base. Then maximize the diamond quality, while still STAYING within your budget. 
Hope I made that process a little clearer for you. It might sound more complicated than it actually is, if you have any questions I’d love to hear from you, and happy to go into more detail with you.
Warm regards ,
Alon Mor
The DIamond Oak

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