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Tiffany & Co Diamond Engagement rings for the provident and environmentally-conscious couple. First verified for authenticity, then delicately renewed and restored to flawlessly mint condition by our dedicated team of specialists.

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Our master craftsmen will create your ultimate Made-to-order jewel according to your specs and wishes.

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World-class masterpieces from Tiffany and Co , Cartier, Bulgari, Harry Winston and other of the most revered names in fine jewelry.

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The stamp of excellence promised in Tiffany jewelry to meet your desires

Diamonds and jewelry pieces are meaningful markers of love and life’s precious moments. At The Diamond Oak, Tiffany’s jewelry is just one of our specialties. We understand deeply the prestige and superior quality the Tiffany & Co name imprints upon every single diamond. The buyers of our fine Tiffany jewelry pieces appreciate their status as the pinnacle of excellence promised by the Tiffany brand.

Because our overarching goal is always that our guests find that exact something special to cherish for a lifetime, it means the world to us to provide Tiffany’s timeless jewelry pieces to our clients at a great value. We make purchasing Tiffany’s jewelry more accessible to all our visitors through providing value in two major ways. One, we carry the extensive inventory volume to offer it a lower price. Two, we have an elegantly curated selection of quality pre-owned, or pre-loved as we say, Tiffany jewelry for sale to our guests that comes with the sincere stamp of approval from our master jeweler.

In addition to being the premier resource for pre-owned Tiffany’s jewelry, we also offer exquisite pre-owned pieces from other prestige brands, including:

  • Bulgari
  • Cartier
  • David Webb
  • Graff
  • Harry Winston
  • Verdura
  • Rolex
  • Patek Phillipe
  • Angela Cummings

Looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of non-branded jewelry? We have countless special pieces and treasures to help you commemorate life’s special moments. We’re ready to help you find a piece that’s both beautiful and meaningful to you.

Find the fine jewelry you’ve always dreamed of at unbeatable value

At The Diamond Oak, we don’t tend to resort to flash sale events during peak times to provide sale prices. At any given time, we continuously offer select items within all our sales classifications and products to suit an assorted range of styles, wishes and must-haves. In fact, at any given time, you can find exactly the dazzling jewelry designs you’re dreaming of at 30% - 50% percent below typical retail pricing.

This means we always have gorgeous – and more affordable – fine jewelry, including Bulgari, Cartier, David Webb, Graff, Harry Winston and Tiffany jewelry waiting to meet our visitors’ vision. They don’t have to wait for a Black Friday or Valentine’s Day sale event and compete with a rush of other shoppers for the design they desire. Instead, whenever the mood, event, or memorable moment strikes, we’re here for them 365 days a year.

Previously owned fine jewelry in brand new condition

We want all our visitors to have the opportunity to own exquisite jewelry in their collections. Because our expert team and our master jeweler thoroughly inspect, care for, and polish every single piece of pre-owned piece we offer, at The Diamond Oak we call them “pre-loved.” We know our clients who previously owned them also cared for them, and we take every step we can to prepare them to present a completely new and exciting opportunity for their next home. This includes having our team of specialists carefully verify each piece for authenticity and then delicately renew and meticulously restore the selection to a flawless perfect condition.

We understand that couples who appreciate pre-loved fine jewelry, including branded items like Tiffany jewelry and non-branded items alike, tend to be committed to environmental and social responsibility and are smart with their investments. We care about our guests and work to build genuine relationships where we can work together with your families for generations to come. That’s why our purpose at The Diamond Oak is more than just selling the most exclusive luxury jewelry. Just as importantly, it’s our honor to be a part of finding you the perfect symbol to hold the celebrations and profound life moments you’ll remember and share for a lifetime.

Whenever you’re ready to begin the journey to find the perfect piece of jewelry, whether branded or non-branded, to mark your most amazing moments, we’re here to see you through with the most spectacular service and selection. Come and visit us anytime at The Diamond Oak in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District or connect with us online from anywhere. Either way, we assure you when it comes to fine jewelry, you’re in the very best of hands.