Sell Bulgari Jewelry

Founded in 1884 in Italy by silversmith Sotirio Voulgaris, Bulgari began as a family-run business and remains so to this day. Using Rome as a source of inspiration, Bulgari has become well-known for bold colors and unique designs. The brand is also responsible for the reintroduction of the cabochon cut, popular during Antiquity. Today, Bulgari jewelry is very popular and highly sought-after, commanding high prices in the resale market.

Do you own Bulgari jewelry you no longer want? Or do you just need to make room in your jewelry cabinet for some new arrivals? The easiest way to sell Bulgari jewelry is by working with The Diamond Oak. Our luxury jewelry experts are prepared to pay you top dollar for your Bulgari jewelry, using decades of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of market value to provide an appropriate price for your prized pieces. Read on to learn more about the unique history of the Bulgari brand, as well as how to sell Bulgari jewelry the easy way. 

The unique history of BVLGARI 

Originally founded on the Greek island of Corfu, then moving to Italy in the 1880s, Bulgari is a brand with a rich history. They gained notoriety making jewelry to match the contemporary styles of the early 20th Century, with pieces from the 1920s through the 1960s covering a full range of styles—from Edwardian to Modern.

The brand’s been innovative from the start, defining their own style with designs like The Trombino. By the mid-20th century, Bulgari had become a favorite of royalty, celebrities, and elites. The success of the brand continues today as they produce one-off high jewelry pieces and more accessible pieces alike. 

Sell your BVLGARI jewelry 

Bulgari has produced countless types and styles of jewelry over its long history, and the brand’s reputation means you’ll have no problem finding a buyer, no matter what type of Bulgari jewelry you own. At The Diamond Oak, we understand that every piece of Bulgari jewelry has value. Aside from considering the piece’s rarity and market value, we take the following criteria into account as we determine a fair price for your Bulgari jewelry: 

  • Condition: We’ll take a close look at the condition of your Bulgari jewelry, and grade it on a scale from poor condition to mint condition. The better the condition, the more you can get for your jewelry. Keep in mind, though, that minor scuffs and scratches can be buffed out and won’t affect the value of the piece. No matter the condition of your piece, it still holds value. 
  • Provenance: Items of provenance—like the original box, receipt, jewelry bag and other documentation—confirms the authenticity of any piece of Bulgari jewelry. It also confirms that you’re the true owner of the piece. The more materials you have, the more valuable your jewelry will be, since collectors prefer pieces that have this documentation. 

Get an appraisal for your BVLGARI jewelry Today 

Looking to sell Bulgari jewelry and get top dollar for your prized pieces? Reach out to the fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak today! Our professionals have a deep understanding of the Bulgari resale market and are prepared to give you a great offer for your jewelry. Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation!

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