David Webb is a renowned American jeweler known around the world for his bold statement jewels and unique aesthetic style. Born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1925, Webb opened his first shop in New York in 1948, and his work became an instant hit with high-profile clients like Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Diana Vreeland. 

David Webb pieces are still a favorite among jewelry collectors today. Combining bold colors, fabulous animal figures and ancient motifs, David Webb jewelry is highly sought after, which means you’ll get a great price from a reputable David Webb jewelry buyer like The Diamond Oak if you decide it’s time to part with your prized pieces. 

About David Webb jewelry 

The popularity of designer jewelry like David Webb has risen in recent years, thanks in part to several noteworthy exhibitions and high-profile sales. Webb’s designs have stood the test of time and are unique in terms of design, making them a wise investment for jewelry collectors. 

Webb not only had a great eye for design, but he was also a skilled craftsman. From the 1950s onward, he used a combination of cutting and carving colorful jewels to create a style characterized by a bold use of color, structure, and volume. His love of nature is seen in his signature animal pieces, including zebra cuffs and snail-shaped brooches. 

You’ll see a wide variety of enamel and precious stones in Webb pieces. He favored turquoise and coral early in his career, turning to crystal, pearls, and ivory in the 1970s. The most sought-after Webb pieces include important jewels centered on fine gemstones. These were often mounted on platinum and white gold. 

Webb is best-known for his animal-inspired jewelry, and these are the pieces collectors are looking for. He first launched his animal-themed bracelets in 1957, continuing the line through to 1963. Some of the other popular David Webb jewelry themes include: 

  • Garden-themed
  • Geometric and spiral-themed
  • Heraldic pieces
  • Seashells
  • Zodiac signs

Sell your David Webb jewelry 

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