Sell Pomellato Jewelry

Looking to sell Pomellato jewelry? The Diamond Oak is paying top dollar for jewelry from this much-loved and sought-after brand. Read on to learn more about the history of Pomellato, why their pieces are so valuable and how to get the best possible price for your Pomellato pieces. 

Changing the jewelry industry since 1967 

Pomellato revolutionized the jewelry industry since bursting onto the scene in 1967, offering a full range of fine jewelry for everyday wear. That year, founder Pino Rabolini had a groundbreaking idea—to create pret-a-porter fine jewelry featuring large, semi-precious stones. Coming from a family of goldsmiths, Rabolini understood how quality craftsmanship can combine with affordability to create stylish yet accessible jewelry. By pairing gold settings and semi-precious gems, he single-handedly created an entire line of Italian jewelry that quickly became popular across the globe. 

The Pomellato line lives on to this day, focusing on moving the industry towards an eco-friendly future. After achieving 100% responsible gold purchasing, they continue to pursue the traceability of precious stones while also exploring alternative materials and methods that promote sustainability. 

What types of Pomellato jewelry are valuable? 

All Pomellato jewelry holds value, and there are certain types and styles that are in high demand. No matter what piece of Pomellato jewelry you own, you’re going to be able to find an eager buyer. That said, the value of your Pomellato jewelry depends on two considerations: 

  • Condition: Even jewelry that’s been worn only once or twice can have some nicks or scratches. The better condition of your Pomellato jewelry, the better price you’ll achieve. When selling to a reputable fine jewelry buyer like The Diamond Oak, your jewelry will be graded on a scale, from poor condition to mint condition, and the condition will be used to arrive at a value for the piece. 
  • Popularity: While Pomellato Jewelry does not command the same value retention as Tiffany, Cartier , or Van Cleef , the brand still has a solid demand on the secondary market. While you should be prepared for a significant reduction from retail when selling your Pomellato jewelry, some collections will do better than others depending on it’s saleability. 
  • Provenance: Why is provenance so important when it comes to valuing jewelry? For one thing, it proves you’re the true owner of the piece. For another, it proves that the piece is genuine. That being said, Provenance is not as critical with Pomellato, and The Diamond Oak will still accept pieces without receipts or documentation. 

Sell your Pomellato jewelry 

If you’re ready to sell your Pomellato jewelry, the key to getting the best price is to find a knowledgeable buyer. Working with auction houses or online marketplaces costs you money, since they act as middlemen to connect you with a buyer. The fine jewelry specialists at The Diamond Oak give you the best price possible when you’re ready to sell Pomellato jewelry. They understand and stay up to date with trends in the market, so you can always count on a fair value every time. 

Get an appraisal for your Pomellato jewelry today 

Selling your Pomellato jewelry? The first step is to get in touch with the team at The Diamond Oak. We offer virtual appraisal appointments, making it easy for you to learn the true value of your prized Pomellato pieces or other pieces of fine jewelry. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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