Sell Jean Schlumberger Jewelry

Looking to sell Jean Schlumberger Jewelry? The Diamond Oak is paying top dollar for luxury Jean Schlumberger jewelry. Jean Schlumberger jewelry has fascinated generations since the designer first came onto the scene at Tiffany & Co. in the 1950s and it’s easy to see why—the brand is known for meticulously-crafted pieces bursting with color, innovation and imagination. 

Jean Schlumberger and Tiffany & Co. 

A favorite with high-profile clients like Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy, Jean Schlumberger was a trailblazer in the world of fine jewelry. First spotted in Paris by Elsa Schiaparelli, Schlumberger moved to New York after serving in the French Army in World War II, where he opened his own jewelry boutique. 

Schlumberger’s designs attracted instant attention, and Tiffany & Co. offered him a job in 1956. He was given his own workshop and salon on Tiffany & Co.’s mezzanine floor, and his work soon became among the most expensive pieces on offer. This became the most prolific period of Schlumberger’s career, as he transformed Tiffany’s extensive collection of colorful gemstones into wearable art. He soon became famous for designs celebrating nature, with pieces featuring birds, plants, sea creatures and shells being particularly coveted. 

Jean Schlumberger jewelry remains significant and valuable today 

The uniqueness of Jean Schlumberger jewelry makes pieces by the esteemed maker in high demand. His pieces are iconic and easily recognizable, and collectors are constantly looking for new and rare pieces. Since Jean Schlumberger’s designs remain timeless and always interesting, they command a high price on the resale market. 

The Jean Schlumberger brand is still alive and well at Tiffany & Co., and is a favorite among jewelry and art collectors. 

Vintage pieces made during Schlumberger’s tenure at Tiffany & Co., as well as pre-Tiffany pieces that reflect his early evolution as a designer, are particularly sought after. From one-of-a-kind pieces made for well-known clients to colorful parrot and dolphin brooches, Jean Schlumberger pieces are highly coveted with a price to match. Valuing a piece by Jean Schlumberger should be done by a professional, like the fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak, since so many factors can play a part in the overall valuation of the piece. From the gemstones used to the rarity of the piece, we understand how to come to an appropriate value for jewelry by this legendary maker. 

Sell your Jean Schlumberger jewelry 

Whether you own or have inherited a piece of Jean Schlumberger you no longer want or need, The Diamond Oak is the best place to sell your Jean Schlumberger jewelry. Our appraisal experts have a deep understanding of the fine jewelry market, keeping up with trends and changes. We understand Jean Schlumberger pieces are highly sought-after—no matter the style or condition—and we’re willing to give you a competitive cash offer for your jewelry. Our process is fast and secure, so don’t wait to schedule your consultation today. 

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Want to sell your Jean Schlumberger jewelry? The fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak are here to help. We understand and appreciate the true value of Jean Schlumberger pieces and are willing to pay a fair market price for your luxury jewelry. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation virtual consultation!

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