Sell Graff Jewelry

Graff stands as one of the world’s most loved and iconic jewelry brands. Since its launch in 1960, Graff has been prized by some of the most prestigious collectors, including royalty and celebrities, building a brand synonymous with unique designs and superior craftsmanship. 

If you’re ready to sell Graff jewelry from your collection, you can get the best price by working with the fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak. We understand and appreciate the value of luxury jewelry from Graff and other fine jewelry houses, paying top dollar for pieces you no longer need or want. Read on to learn more about Graff jewelry, as well as how you can get the best possible price for your prized pieces. 

The unique history of Graff jewelry 

Renowned around the world for the quality of its diamonds, Graff has been one of the world’s most respected jewelers since launching its first collections in 1960. Named after Laurence Graff, one of the world’s foremost diamantaires, Graff jewelry is characterized by high-quality gemstones, a focus on balance and proportion and settings that enhance the natural beauty of gems. 

Graff became the first jeweler to be awarded the Queen’s Award to Industry and Export in 1973, and by the 1980s, the house was synonymous with pieces featuring grand, spectacular stones. They’re involved in all stages of a diamond’s life, from mining to manufacturing. It’s now one of the largest diamond corporations in the world, owing to Graff’s passion for rare and extraordinary gems. The jeweler continues to create notable pieces to this day, and new and vintage works alike are highly prized by collectors and fetch impressive prices on the resale market. 

Sell your Graff jewelry 

If you’re ready to sell your valuable Graff jewelry, the best thing you can do is work with a reputable buyer like The Diamond Oak. That way, you eliminate as many layers and middlemen as you can, so you can get top dollar for your jewelry. 

Graff has produced a wide range of styles and types of jewelry throughout their 50+ year history. No matter what you’re selling, whether it’s a simple bangle bracelet or a super-rare cluster diamond necklace, you’ll be able to find an interested buyer who’s willing to pay a premium. Graff is a highly sought-after brand, which means that jewelry bearing their mark is worth much more than the sum of its parts. Aside from rarity and gemstone value, The Diamond Oak uses the following criteria to value Graff jewelry: 

  • Condition: In general, the better condition your jewelry is in, the better the offer you’ll get for your pieces. We grade your jewelry on a scale from poor condition to mint condition. Keep in mind all Graff jewelry holds value, so even if your jewelry has a little wear and tear, you’ll still get a great price for it.
  • Market Conditions: The Diamond Oak engages in the daily buying and selling of numerous pre-owned pieces, enabling us to maintain a keen understanding of current market values for diamonds and gemstones. Additionally, we possess insights into the prevailing demand for specific styles that Graff presents. Our evaluation of your Graff jewelry will be thoughtfully influenced by real-time market dynamics, encompassing both the intrinsic value of the materials and the desirability of the particular style. 
  • Provenance: Another key factor affecting the value of your Graff jewelry is provenance. The more physical documentation you have regarding the piece—things like the original box and receipt; jewelry bag and other accessories—the better the price you’ll be able to get. 

Get a quote for your Graff jewelry today 

Looking to sell your valuable Graff jewelry? Make sure you get the best price possible by selling to The Diamond Oak. Our team of luxury jewelry experts is ready to give you a quote for the purchase of your Graff jewelry. Virtual appointments are available, so schedule yours today!

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