Sell Harry Winston Jewelry

Known as the “King of Diamonds,” Harry Winston and the jewelry house that bears his name leaves a glittering legacy. Founded in New York City in 1932, Winston crafted some of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry made from some of the world’s most famous diamonds and gemstones. 

Harry Winston jewelry is prized by collectors and commands a high price on the resale market. If you’re looking to sell Harry Winston jewelry, you can get top dollar for your prized pieces by selling to The Diamond Oak. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced fine jewelry professionals understand and appreciate the value of every Harry Winston piece, and we’re prepared to give you a fair price for your jewelry. Read on to learn more about the history of this legendary jewelry-maker, and to discover how you can sell unwanted or unneeded pieces at a great price. 

The unique history of Harry Winston 

Since launching his first boutique in 1932, Harry Winston has been a legendary figure in the jewelry world. By the 1950s, Winston’s boutiques were the jewelry salon of choice for royals and celebrities alike who appreciated Winston’s passion, eye for design and discretion. 

Winston garnered immediate attention in 1935 when he purchased the 726-carat diamond, The Jonker. After taking it on a tour of the USA, it was cut into 13 very important stones. His penchant for acquiring and working with superior diamonds and gemstones from many notable private collections continued through the rest of his career. Today, the name Harry Winston is associated with colored gemstones of the highest quality, along with his unique concept of “clustering,” which became his signature technique. 

Sell your Harry Winston jewelry 

Any piece of Harry Winston jewelry has value. While certain styles or types are more sought-after than others, the prestige of this world-renowned brand ensures any piece of Harry Winston jewelry can fetch a handsome price. By working with the fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak, you eliminate the middleman at the auction house and can keep the profits from your pieces for yourself. Aside from rarity, here are two other criteria we look at as we determine a fair value for your jewelry: 

  • Condition: We’ll look objectively at the condition of your Harry Winston jewelry to arrive on a fair value. The better the condition of the piece, the higher the value.
  • Market Conditions: The Diamond Oak engages in the daily buying and selling of

pre-owned pieces, enabling us to maintain a keen understanding of current market values for diamonds and gemstones. Additionally, we are well aware of the prevailing demand for specific Harry Winston styles. Our evaluation of your jewelry will be influenced by real-time market conditions, encompassing both the intrinsic value of the materials and the desirability of the particular style. 

  • Provenance: Any piece of Harry Winston jewelry bears a history, and the more documentation you can provide about your item, the higher the price you’ll achieve. Gather original receipts, boxes, jewelry bags and any other materials that prove the authenticity and ownership of your piece—the more documentation you have, the more collectors will pay for the piece on the resale market. 

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Ready to sell your unwanted or unneeded Harry Winston jewelry? Get the best possible price for your prized Harry Winston pieces by selling to The Diamond Oak. Our Harry Winston experts understand the market and follow the latest trends to give you a fair market value for your jewelry. Virtual appointments are available, so book yours today!

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