Sell Cartier Jewelry

Synonymous with luxury and decadence Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 and remains one of the most recognizable brands today. Cartier has become a household name for many things, including the popular and iconic Love collection of jewelry. All Cartier jewelry is highly popular and sought-after, commanding high prices on the resale market. 

If you want to sell Cartier jewelry, you no longer want or need, The Diamond Oak is here to help. Our team of luxury jewelry experts are prepared to offer you the best possible price for your Cartier jewelry, based on a deep understanding and appreciation of the value of these extraordinary pieces. Read on to learn more about the interesting history of Cartier, and how to get a great price from your Cartier jewelry by selling to The Diamond Oak. 

The unique history of Cartier 

Founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, the luxury jewelry brand Cartier had to overcome initial financial difficulties and intense competition. By the 1850s, though, the brand began to thrive, securing the patronage of European royals and the well-to-do. 

As their prestige increased, they began to stock a wide variety of luxury goods like silverware, bronze busts, medallions, watches and more. At this time Cartier was a retailer rather than a manufacturer of jewelry, commissioning pieces from firms around Paris. Soon, Cartier would establish design and manufacturing workshops of their own, furthering their reputation for the fineness of their execution. 

In the 20th Century, Cartier opened branches in London, New York and St. Petersburg, firmly establishing their name as a premier worldwide luxury jeweler. In addition to their fine jewelry, they became well-known for their luxurious clocks and watches. Today, Cartier pieces are highly sought-after as the firm continues to be known for its fine jewelry. From bespoke creations to iconic designs, collectors crave Cartier and are willing to pay high prices for it. 

Sell your Cartier jewelry 

Whether you’re looking to sell a Love bracelet, a Panthere necklace, a Juste un Clou ring or any other piece of Cartier jewelry, your best option is to sell to the fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak. We save you the hassle of going to an auction house or, worse yet, underselling to a non-specialist, ensuring you get an appropriate price for your prized Cartier pieces. 

How much is your Cartier jewelry worth? Since the brand is such a popular household name, you can expect to get a good resale value for your jewelry. Value is determined by the model and rarity of the jewelry, as well as the materials it’s made from. 

We also take a close look at the condition of your jewelry. Light scratches and nicks can often be buffed out of pieces, getting them closer to mint condition and improving their value.


Get a great price for your Cartier jewelry by selling to The Diamond Oak.

Provenance is the final and important consideration we use to determine the value of your Cartier jewelry. Typically, collectors are actively seeking items accompanied by their original box and documentation, and they highly prioritize items in excellent condition. This meticulous approach is particularly evident in the case of Cartier jewelry. Given the prevalence of imitations and counterfeit pieces in the market, exercising caution is paramount when considering the purchase of pre-owned Cartier jewelry.  The more items of documentation you have for your piece, the better the offer you’ll get. 

Get a Quote for your Cartier jewelry today 

Wondering what your Cartier jewelry is worth? The best way to determine an accurate value for your prized Cartier jewelry is to talk to the luxury jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak. Our experienced team of specialists can assess and price your pieces, giving you the best possible offer for your jewelry. Contact us today and schedule your appointment—virtual consultations are available!

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