Five Reasons People Love Tiffany Engagement Rings

It’s the moment we dream of our entire lives – getting engaged. The marker for this special moment that people turn to time and time again is the engagement ring. That ring captures these wonderful memories and serves as a symbol of the couple’s loving history; and, it will likely be passed on to future generations. That’s why the engagement ring must do more than sparkle and shine, it must hold the promise of a love that will last a lifetime. Quality, including a unique design and flawless craftsmanship, is a must. People turn to Tiffany engagement rings for their legendary history and performance in delivering excellence in every single piece of jewelry they design and craft. Here are just a few reasons why engagement rings Tiffanys offer an elite standard that just can’t be beat.

Trusted quality

Founded in 1837 in New York City, Tiffany & Co. has long stood as the pinnacle of excellence. Every diamond engagement ring that earns the Tiffany name has been scrupulously selected. In fact, Tiffany rejects 99.96 percent of the world’s diamonds because of their dedication to excellence. When people purchase engagement rings by Tiffany’s, not only can they rest assured they have chosen the best, it’s apparent to every person in awe of that diamond ring when they see it.Engagement Rings Tiffany’s

Tiffany maximizes the brilliant beauty within every diamond

Tiffany’s craftsmen are uncompromising in their quest for perfection. They have an artful eye and valuable experience that guides them to cut each diamond to the perfect proportions that showcase its unique beauty. This is true for every diamond presented in engagement rings in Tiffany’s designs. From the early stages of design to the dazzling finished Tiffany engagement ring, the process can take almost a year. That patient quality workmanship creates an elegant beauty that lasts a lifetime, and beyond.

Timeless designs to choose from

Especially if the proposal is going to be a surprise, selecting an engagement ring can be the most daunting part besides waiting to hear, “yes!” The engagement rings Tiffany’s creates are offered in an array of timeless designs that suit any couple’s personal style. Starting with the most classic, the Tiffany knife-edge solitaire brings a quiet elegance. The Soleste’s center diamond amps up the sparkle with surrounding rows of brilliant-cut white diamonds. The Novo delivers a modern romance feel in its Pavé diamond platinum band. Finally, introducing Tiffany’s newest masterpiece: the Tiffany True Engagement Ring. Its refined platinum band and new square mixed-cut Tiffany True diamond bring a new kind of sophistication to the engagement ring.

A setting like no other

Long ago, Tiffany’s expert craftsmen designed their setting that makes the diamond float above the band. That tradition continues today with that stunning setting, invoking a special sense of awe. The setting lets the diamond take center stage as the couple shares their joyous news and celebrates with others. That shine, polish, and unique Tiffany imprint go with the couple wherever their journey together takes them.

The Diamond Oak has the perfect engagement rings by Tiffany’s waiting for you

Whether you visit us in person in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, or you connect with us online, at The Diamond Oak it is our honor to assist you in all your engagement ring needs. Because we adhere strictly to uncompromising standards of quality, we proudly offer Tiffany engagement rings and are here to answer any questions and guide you in your selection. We want your proposal and engagement to be nothing short of spectacular. We promise total perfection in providing the engagement ring you’ll always cherish while you focus on creating the memorable moments that last. Click here to know more.

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