Gorgeous Tiffany’s Jewelry: Lucida Cut and True Cut

Tiffany’s jewelry has symbolized the highest quality diamonds since they opened their doors in 1837. Over the decades, their patented diamond cuts have stunned experts and customers alike. Two of the most famous Tiffany diamond cuts are the classic Lucida cut and the more modern True cut. Both of these stunning styles of diamonds are highly sought-after, especially in the secondary market.

The Classic Lucida Diamond Cut 

The Lucida diamond cut, one of Tiffany’s patented cuts, was first debuted in 1999. It is a mixed cut that was introduced as a square and then later became available in a rectangular shape. The Lucida diamond cut produces incredible shine, sparkle, and depth. Over the years, this cut of diamond was available in a wide range of Tiffany’s jewelry including engagement rings, diamond bands, and earrings.

Even though Tiffany has stopped producing their Lucida diamond cut, interest in this style continues to be high. This vintage diamond cut is still just as gorgeous now as it was when it was first introduced. Here at The Diamond Oak, we are always pleased to acquire and offer Tiffany’s iconic Lucida diamond cut in a range of styles and settings.

Tiffany’s Newest Patented Cut

Tiffany & Co.is not producing Lucida diamond cuts anymore, but their new cut does not disappoint. In 2018, Tiffany’s newest patented cut, True, was debuted. It is a modern mixed cut that delivers intense sparkle and reflection as well as incredible light movement.

Tiffany’s jewelry

This diamond cut brings together facets of the emerald cut and round brilliant cut to produce the highest cut grade in the industry: triple excellent. One reason why True cut diamonds are so spectacular is that they give the illusion of being larger than they actually are.

Tiffany’s True cut diamonds are available in a number of settings. They make absolutely stunning engagement rings and are equally spectacular in diamond bands, earrings, and pendants.

Since Tiffany’s True cut is a relatively newer style, they are not as easy to find on the secondary market as their predecessor, Lucida. Whether a customer is looking for Lucida or True cuts, the legendary Tiffany’s ‘T’ in all of their jewelry signifies the highest level of quality and style.

The Best Selection in Tiffany’s Jewelry

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