How to Care for Diamond Rings 365 Days a Year

For jewelry lovers, nothing is more exquisite than a diamond ring from Tiffany & Co. Since 1837, it’s the brand that sets the standard in jewelry design and craftsmanship. Each and every diamond selected by Tiffany & Co. undergoes such scrutiny that only about 1 percent of the available diamonds actually make the cut. This ensures that a diamond ring from Tiffany will always be of the highest quality, have the brightest shine, and have the best clarity. Today, we at The Diamond Oak will tell you how to care for your diamond so it will always have that brilliant shine.

Don’t Wear it For Every Occasion

Of course, you want to wear your diamond ring from Tiffany every chance you can, but there are a few times when you need to take it off and place it in a safe location. Swimming, working out at the gym, or any high contact activity, are not the best times to wear your ring. Diamonds are extremely durable, but the setting, prongs, and band can be damaged by strong impacts, and washing your hands several times in an hour, or swimming, can cause the ring to slip off and be lost.

Gentle cleaning

You’ll find plenty of guides online for cleaning your ring at home, but for the best – and safest – results, take your ring to a professional jeweler. Professionals that use an ultrasonic cleaner with vibration and sound waves get even the smallest particles of dirt and grime out of the most intricate of settings. They can finish up this service with a polish that makes your diamond ring from Tiffany shine like it is brand new.Diamond Ring from Tiffanys
Re-sizing? Choose wisely

Pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and other life changes can make resizing necessary. While it is always advisable to wait for several months following a pregnancy, as your ring size may fluctuate for a while, choose the timing and the jeweler carefully. The summer heat, for example, can cause your hands to temporarily swell up. When re-sizing, always be clear to the Jeweler to keep the Tiffany Hallmarks untouched. Whether is it branding or a sweet message from your loved one, you want to ensure that, if possible, the inscription remains intact. Discuss this with the jeweler before resizing.

Where to get a Diamond Ring from Tiffany

The Diamond Oak is proud to offer an exciting selection of diamond rings from Tiffany. Our pre-loved Tiffany & Co. rings come complete with a certificate of authenticity and that signature blue box. We have Tiffany rings in an enchanting selection of settings and styles.

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