How to Spot Fake Tiffany Jewelry

It’s important that you are assured of authenticity when purchasing new or used Tiffany Jewelry. Here at The Diamond Oak, every piece we sell, be it new or pre-loved, is inspected by our experts to verify authenticity. While you can be 100 percent assured that your Tiffany rings from The Diamond Oak are the real thing, we know it’s important for you to be vigilant when purchasing high-end jewelry, so we decided to share some of our in-house verification tips with you today.

It’s all in the paperwork

It’s a good sign when people who sell Tiffany jewelry have their original paperwork, but that is still nowhere near a guarantee of authenticity. Read over the paperwork closely for spelling mistakes, font that differs from that of Tiffany’s, and the date of purchase being in line with the collection’s release.

The box

Use Tiffany’s site to compare the box to what is shown on Tiffany’s site. If the blue box is a darker or lighter shade than usual, or if the embossing is crooked, be careful. That’s a sign of a fake.Sell Tiffany Jewelry

Metal stamp

Check over the metal to ensure the stamp is actually valid. Tiffany’s metal stamp styles the company name with a larger T and C than the rest of the letters. However, this rule does not apply to vintage items. If the stamp is uniform, cross check the item with the release date. If the item is current, the uniformity is a clue about the piece being a fake.

Website and email

Unless you are buying from an individual (which we don’t recommend), check the seller’s website and email. An authentic seller invests in a good website and domain. Logos should be clear – small and fuzzy logos indicate copying and pasting from other sites. Emails and contact details ending in, or are big red flags. Any company looking to sell Tiffany jewelry is a company handling high end goods. Cutting corners on their website and domain is not high end behavior.

Serial numbers

All Tiffany engagement rings carry two serial numbers. One indicates the ring’s mounting details, the other refers to the diamond itself. Aside from inspecting older Lucida cuts, Tiffany inscribes these numbers on the star facet of the diamond, not its girdle. Request an image of this inscription.

Brand Savvy

Simply knowing more about the Tiffany & Co brand can help you as well. The company’s history, craftsmanship details, and collection dates help in identifying the impeccable quality craftsmanship of a Tiffany piece. As you add more items to your collection, you’ll get to know the Tiffany difference firsthand.

Still, there are those cases where someone can sneak one by you and sell Tiffany jewelry that is not the genuine thing. If you’re ever unsure, seek a second opinion. Reach out to our experts at The Diamond Oak for assistance in identifying authentic Tiffany jewelry, or to learn more about the Tiffany rings we sell.