Jewelry Trends That Every Buyer Should Know

The world of luxury jewelry is vast, and the methods to buy jewelry from the best brands are equally complex. For those buying jewelry, trends include directly from sellers (online, markets, personal ads), new from retail locations, or from re-sellers. Let’s take a closer look.

Buying Directly

Some jewelry owners sell their items directly to buyers by listing online, taking out personal ads, or soliciting sales in person. This is risky for buyers as the seller may not have papers of authenticity for the piece or maybe peddling fakes. When buyers are buying directly from a seller – beware. Also, never show up to a private or unpopulated location with a sum of cash to purchase jewelry. That is dangerous.

Buying New

Reputable jewelry stores have authentic items, helpful staff, and beautiful collections for buyers to browse. This is a safe and effective way and the longest-standing trend for buying jewelry. However, not all jewelry stores carry unique items or antique pieces. For that, buyers need a professional reseller.

Buying from a Speciality Re-seller

Professional re-sellers, like The Diamond Oak, employ certified appraisers and experts that carefully evaluate the jewelry from sellers, offer a fair price and a safe transaction process, then re-sell the item to buyers.

This is a fast-growing trend, to buy from a re-seller. Not only does it make items such as a Tiffany diamond ring affordable and accessible to buyers, but it also provides a safe way to obtain both new and classic items – and even antique jewelry that can be hard to find.

So, why would someone that owns fine jewelry sell it in the first place?

The Reasons Why Fine Jewelry Owners Sell Their Collections

Fine jewelry is undoubtedly a luxury item that holds sentimental value. Getting your hands on a piece from legendary brands like Tiffany & Co., Graff, and Harry Winston is a dream come true for many jewelry enthusiasts. These high-end items are often passed down as heirlooms and treasured by families for generations. Naturally, it makes sense why you might wonder why someone who owns luxury jewelry from esteemed brands would want to sell it. However, selling fine jewelry is a thriving industry. It's a billion-dollar market with more people than ever before looking to sell their expensive jewelry. Here's a look at why individuals who once treasured their luxury jewelry would want to part with it.

Financial Reasons

One of the primary reasons why someone would sell their fine jewelry is financial. They may be going through a tough time and need quick cash to cover things like medical bills, mortgage payments, or tuition fees. Putting expensive items up for sale can be a way to alleviate the financial burden and acquire the funds they need. Moreover, owning fine jewelry may come with additional expenses in the form of insurance, storage, and upkeep costs. As much as they enjoy owning their luxury items, they could gain more financial freedom by freeing up the cash tied into these items.

Dated Styles and Trends

Another reason why someone would want to sell their fine jewelry is that it no longer reflects their personal style or has gone out of fashion. Even the most timeless designs can become dated, and the person may feel that they are no longer getting the use or appreciation from the jewelry they once did. They may wish to purchase more modern pieces to replace the jewelry that they have grown out of.

Emotional Placement

Inheritances that are attached to emotional baggage can be a tricky output. Suppose someone has received an inheritance from a loved one, but the memory of that person is painful for them. In that case, they may wish to sell the piece of jewelry and remove themselves from the emotional attachment it represents. Similarly, say the person sold the jewelry bought with their own blood, sweat, and tears due to a failed relationship. Selling that piece of jewelry can signify moving away from that past and heartbreak pain.

To Upgrade or Trade In

Owning a unique piece of fine jewelry is undoubtedly appealing, but what happens when your desires change, and you want to trade up for something more impressive? Many people sell their current jewelry pieces to invest in more expensive or prestigious items from renowned designers. It’s a sensible decision, as it allows them to trade in their old jewelry to acquire the latest collection without spending more cash.

Despite how much an individual values their jewelry, there are always reasons to let go of these treasures. So, if you ever come across rare pieces from Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, or other revered brands from individuals who wish to sell them, remember that there are several reasons why they might choose to do so and that these items are best purchased from a professional re-seller such as The Diamond Oak.

Experience and Quality Buyers Can Count On

The Diamond Oak is a fine jewelry re-seller. We specialize in pre-owned pieces and select designer jewelry, with a commitment to excellence in both quality and service. Our brand is built around three pillars: authenticity, value, and trust. The Diamond Oak is an excellent option for those looking for unique and timeless jewelry pieces that they can treasure for years to come.

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