Key Factors You Should Keep in Mind While Purchasing Tiffany Engagement Rings Online

Shopping online is convenient, and since COVID, many more consumers have realized the benefits of online purchases. With this in mind, our team at The Diamond Oak has put great effort into making the online shopping experience as comfortable for our remote guests as it is for those who visit us in the heart of New York’s Diamond District. In many cases, shopping online may offer advantages the in-person shopper does not have. If you’re planning a proposal and you will accept nothing less than the amazing brilliance of engagement rings Tiffanys designed, read on.

Start the online shopping process early

Your engagement is the moment you’ve waited for your entire life. Shopping amongst all the luxurious and iconic engagement rings Tiffanys has to offer is so much more than just a “click and purchase” event. When you aren’t able to visit us here at The Diamond Oak, you can shop online.

What we show online is in stock, so you’ll be able to get your piece quickly. We offer free overnight insured shipping in the US and on international orders over $5,000.

Take the time to understand what you’re looking for

When you have an idea of the characteristics you’re looking for, the shopping process can be easier. We encourage you to think about both your individual personality and your couple style. What style of engagement ring best tells the story of your love and the journey you plan to take together?

Here are two choices:

Simple solitaire – there’s something incredibly elegant in the simple round or oval solitaire. It’s the timeless choice for those seeking understated grace.

Vivacious vintage – For some brides-to-be, pre-owned engagement rings Tiffanys has created in the past bring a historical, timeless, and truly unique feel to their engagement ring. When venturing into the pre-owned Tiffany engagement ring market, you will find exceptional pieces with classic style.

The Diamond Oak is here to support your journey to find engagement rings Tiffanys has designed

Whether you come see us in person in New York City or you connect with us online, at The Diamond Oak, it’s our passion to see our guests – remote and in-person alike – capture their most meaningful moments in one of our exquisite engagement rings Tiffanys has designed. It’s a drive for perfection that we bring to your quest for the engagement ring of your dreams.

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