Real 'Uncut Gems' Stories

When I was in high school, my father had a diamond cutting factory on 47th street, New York's Diamond District, high above the merchant and marketplace like atmosphere of 'the street'. The diamond dealers would come in, hoping to get first pick of production off the wheel. Then the show would begin, playing out like a carefully orchestrated dance. First examining the diamond ; feigning disbelief at the price, tossing the diamond parcel back without attachment; a low ball counter offer -watching for a reaction. Back and forth negotiating, throwing in a story or a good joke, until they both finally agreed. They would then seal the deal with saying "mazal' ('Good luck' in hebrew) and shaking hands. They were diamond merchants, the real deal, masters in the art of negotiation, and I soaked it up, loved it.
Despite the negotiating drama, there was a clear bond and connection between buyer and seller. We did not have a government "Know your customer" compliance policy then, it was a given that you 'know your customer'. Now, with technology, the danger as i see it, is losing that core and critical value of connection; The face to face interaction, looking someone in the eye and getting to know each other, maybe even taking off the mask we present to the world...this all can easily be lost if we create an even more elaborate mask and hide behind the veil of technology. On the other hand, we can choose to use technology to further connection, increase transparency, and share authentically.
My intention for THE DIAMOND OAK, is to preserve the values of connection, trust, and transparency, all of which of course come as a package.
Warm regards,