Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Tiffany Engagement Ring or a New Engagement Ring?

So, you are ready to pop the question, and to make the moment special, you want the perfect ring. You know that, for nearly 200 years, Tiffany & Co. has set the standard in diamond ring perfection. With this in mind, you may be wondering if you should look at affordable pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany, or if you should get a brand new, but generic ring. The answer is: go with pre-owned from Tiffany. Let us explain why.


It doesn’t matter if a Tiffany ring was made last year or 20 years ago – you won’t find higher quality. Tiffany only accepts about 1 percent of the world’s available diamonds for their rings – that is how tight their quality controls are. Tiffany rings are durable and made with zero compromises. Brand new, generic rings are mostly sourced from large, generic casting houses, which can never compare to pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany because Tiffany rings have very strict quality controls and the highest of Standards. Large casting houses keep their costs down by mass production, and compromising quality.

Pre-Owned Engagement Rings from Tiffany

All of our pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany are competitively priced, and often they are better priced than generic diamonds of the same quality. Why not reap all the benefits of Tiffany without the hefty retail premium? Remember, at some point, you may want to sell or upgrade the ring; the quality of the ring, as well as the Tiffany name will ensure maximum value retention. A savvy buyer knows to avoid the retail premium by buying a pre-owned engagement ring from Tiffany.


Do our pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany look new? Yes! Our extremely talented jewelers clean and restore each piece to new – or better – condition. Most of our Tiffany rings include the original certificate of authenticity and other applicable paperwork. Each one is carefully nestled into Tiffany’s signature blue box. It is almost impossible to tell our pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany from a brand-new ring. That is the level of care you can expect from The Diamond Oak.

Be the hero!

Go ahead and ask your beloved – do you want a new generic engagement ring, or do you want to proudly wear a ring from Tiffany? We think she will opt for that famous ring in the equally famous blue box. So, when shopping for engagement rings, go right for the highest quality at the best value – our pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany. Contact us for more information.