The Growing Popularity of Estate Jewelry

Even before COVID, estate sales were on the rise as Americans scrambled to get their hands on heirloom and vintage high quality items. The realization that Tiffany jewelry, fine China dinnerware, and Hermes bags could be had at affordable prices gave rise to sites like Mercari and Poshmark. Even longstanding retail giants like Etsy and eBay started reselling pre-loved high-quality and vintage jewelry. At The Diamond Oak, the best place online to buy and sell pre owned engagement rings Tiffany, we couldn’t be happier about this trend. Let’s take a closer look.


High-quality jewelry lasts a lifetime. A ring that has been loved and worn by someone else can have just as big of an impact on a new user – at a much lower cost. Thanks to estate sales and online e-commerce, people around the world can afford pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany, and they can therefore enjoy the stunning beauty, history, and quality of this iconic brand. A ring no longer in use does not have to sit in a storage. Such beauty can be seen, loved, and worn again – for several lifetimes. Pre-owned means affordable. It does not mean lower quality. In fact, pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany tend to appreciate in value over time.

pre-owned engagement rings Tiffany


Estate sales mean less items in our landfills. Americans throw out nearly 1,800 pounds of trash per person per year and more than 90 percent of that trash is not recycled. That’s a shame because so much of this waste is absolutely unnecessary. Recycling, upcycling, and reselling are great ways to keep valuable and useful items out of landfills. As the best place to buy pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany in-person and online, The Diamond Oak encourages you to get unused jewelry appraised and contact a trustworthy reseller so these items can enjoy a second life.

The Diamond Oak: your sustainability partner

We help your jewelry continue its story by providing exceptional customer service for anyone buying or selling pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany. Sellers can complete our online process and ship their rings in complete confidence, thanks to our secure site. Buyers are assured that their pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany are the genuine article. You will receive a certificate of authenticity with every purchase. The Diamond Oak is not just part of your love story. Thanks to our affordable, accessible Tiffany rings, we are also part of the solution and growing movement of environmental sustainability. We encourage you, whether you are a business or a buyer, to look at the ways that you, too, can be a part of this change.

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