You're getting engaged ? !

If you’re thinking about proposing anytime in the future, I invite you to take a time out, and picture this scene: You get down on one knee in by your future Fiance ... immediately she melts, a look of eternal love in her eyes mixed with surprise, tears, excitement and joy... you’ve got butterflies in your stomach , adrenaline pumping, a singular feeling and focus, your heart is bursting.. you propose, you pull out a Tiffany & Co Blue Box ... Drop the Mic!
The Diamond Oak specializes in reselling Tiffany and Co. diamond engagement rings at a significant discount. Coming from a family of Diamond wholesalers, paying full retail was almost considered a crime and never an option for us, and shouldn't be for you. Buying a perfectly renewed Tiffany engagement ring will not only save you thousands of dollars, it's Eco Friendly as well. So, if you had the chance to buy 40% to 52% below retail, without compromising even one hair on the Tiffany and co. quality or presentation, would you take it?
Each verified ring is authenticated, and includes original Tiffany and co papers, Box and proper serial number hallmarks registered with Tiffany on the ring as well as the diamond. Next they are expertly polished to a pristine new condition worthy of the iconic Tiffany Blue Box®, so when it’s time to get down on one knee, your ring will be as perfect as the moment.
You’re invited to indulge in our ‘white glove’ service, offering concierge in-home or in-office consulting for those clients choosing to stay close to home. Zoom appointments are welcomed, and of course we’ll be happy to see you in our Midtown Manhattan Office by appointment. (Masks required please)
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Alon Mor