Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings

Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings

      Pre-Owned Authentic Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings.  Certificate of Authenticity , and Tiffany & Co. Box included with all Tiffany engagement rings.
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      Say “yes!” at The Diamond Oak

      It’s the moment you’ve waited for all your life. It’s the one that changes your destiny as you choose to journey through life in partnership with your soulmate – and it’s the moment you’ll both remember forever. But what is the best engagement ring to commemorate that amazing moment in time? At The Diamond Oak, we believe it’s the diamond ring that reflects your unique personality, your identity as a couple, and the one that represents the love you feel today and is about to only grow deeper when you hear “yes!” We also believe there’s a better way to showcase that love when you make your choice amongst our dazzling selection of engagement rings Tiffany’s has placed their stamp of excellence upon.

      At the Diamond Oak, we meticulously select only the finest quality used Tiffany engagement rings to add to our selection. We believe that in adding pre-owned engagement rings Tiffany has expertly designed and crafted, we are giving couples more choices in purchasing the ring that meets their priorities. We understand that these priorities differ from couple to couple. Perhaps you believe in the environmental sustainability in reusing a perfectly cared for and restored diamond. Often times, you’re committed to social responsibility in giving a pre-owned diamond a new opportunity rather than purchasing a brand-new item. It’s also likely that as a couple, you keep a responsible eye on your finances.

      Whatever your intentions, at The Diamond Oak, we take care in ensuring you have the most amazing selection amongst our used Tiffany engagement rings. It starts with our thorough authenticity verification process. Then we work fastidiously to restore and renew the engagement ring to new condition. Purchasing a used Tiffany engagement ring, or as we like to say, a pre-loved ring, can be the best decision you’ll ever make. Afterall, you get the exquisite excellence promised by the Tiffany brand, environmental and social responsibility, and a more affordable price tag, all with the extra quality guarantee The Diamond Oak so proudly promises.

      Engagement ring shopping at the Diamond Oak has never been so effortless

      At The Diamond Oak, we understand that while our guests demand the excellence we are proud to provide in the engagement rings Tiffany’s has designed, given our country’s climate of uncertainty, you can’t always get to us to visit in person. That’s why we’re so pleased to introduce our easy-to-use online sales platform that offers an effortless shopping experience. Just because you’re shopping online, don’t think the experience will lack personal guidance. We’re happy to connect with our online guests as if we’re meeting in person and we can provide just as much care, customized attention, and guidance as if you were standing in front of us.

      In fact, it might be fair to say that shopping with The Diamond Oak online can be easier for some couples in many ways. Each used Tiffany engagement ring we have carefully selected for our collection has been professionally photographed at multiple angles and includes a detailed description including its Tiffany & Co. stamp and certificate number, size, cut, polish, symmetry, and more. Use our search engines to get to the engagement ring of your dreams more quickly. Shop by category, diamond shape and carat, and metal preferences. And, forget about being intimidated to ask the jewelry retailer about the price. It’s listed right there for you to see. The Diamond Oak’s new and used Tiffany engagement rings are almost always offered at 30%-to-50% percent below retail cost.