Sell Patek Philippe

Philippe Patek watches are often considered some of the finest quality timepieces, holding their value better than nearly any other brand. Each watch has an exclusive feel, since only a limited number of each model are released. If you’re in the market to sell your Patek Philippe timepiece, you can count on a great return, especially if you own one of the rarer models. 

When you work with the fine jewelry experts at The Diamond Oak to sell your Patek Philippe watch, you can count on getting the best possible price for your timepiece, as well as a stress-free experience. Our team of professional appraisers have a deep understanding of the Patek Philippe resale market, so we can determine the most accurate price available for your prized watch. Read on to learn more about the unique history of Patek Philippe, and how you can get top dollar when you sell a Patek Philippe watch. 

The history of Patek Philippe 

The brand we know today as Patek Philippe formed in 1845 by the pair Antoine Patek and Adrien Philippe. Patek had experience creating custom watches for royalty and high-class figures, while Philippe had recently created a new keyless winding and hand-setting system that gained popularity in the watchmaking world. Continuing with Patek’s business model, the pair served the upper echelons of society. Focused on growing their business, they partnered with Tiffany & Co., a partnership that continues today. 

The brand continues to remain popular with royalty, celebrities and collectors alike, thriving under the Stern’s family leadership. They continue to create some of the most complex and innovative timepieces on the market. 

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Sell your Patek Philippe 

Since Patek Philippe watches are so highly regarded, with a quality that matches the caliber of Rolex, they hold their value better than any other brand on the market. They’re highly sought-after and fetch a high price on the resale market, which is why owners interested in selling their Patek Philippe watches can expect a greater return on the piece’s original price than they could with any other brand. 

Why do Patek Philippe watches hold their value so well? One reason is their rarity, with the watchmaker only releasing between 10 to a couple hundred pieces per model. The rarity increases the value of the watch, giving each piece an exclusivity factor that makes collectors eager to pay more for their very own piece. 

Another contributing factor to the high prices Patek Philippe watches can achieve is their quality. In every Patek Philippe timepiece, both the interior and exterior movements are hand-crafted and -assembled. They undergo rigorous testing and upgrades, which means they maintain their quality for generations to come. 

If you’re ready to sell your Patek Philippe watch, it’s important to sell to experienced buyers who understand and appreciate the value of these incredible timepieces. The experts at The Diamond Oak are highly experienced with Patek Philippe watches and will pay top dollar for any model. 

Get an appraisal for your Patek Philippe 

If you’re looking to sell a Patek Philippe watch, the first step is getting an appraisal. The Patek Philippe experts at The Diamond Oak are ready to provide a no-obligation appraisal, paying market value for your prized timepiece. Contact us today to schedule your consultation—virtual appointments are available!