A Step-by-Step Guide for Buying a Diamond Ring from Tiffany’s

Shopping for the perfect ring to mark a special occasion should be stress free, and dare we say, fun. One of the best ways to take both the legwork and the guesswork out of selecting a quality ring that says exactly what we want to its receiver and to the world, is to go with a trusted name. When it comes to luxury American jewelry that has led the industry with unrivaled quality and the most special unique diamond ring designs since 1837, of course Tiffany & Co. is the name we trust. Our professionals at The Diamond Oak are happy to help you find a diamond ring from Tiffany’s your partner is sure to adore.

Things can get confusing when hundreds of styles, designs, and colors are available to choose from. There are many factors to consider while buying a diamond, especially when we’re new to purchasing and collecting jewelry. At The Diamond Oak, we understand that the internet is pervaded by an excess of information, some good, some poor, some downright wrong. Whether you visit us in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District or connect with our experts online, it’s our pleasure to share some key considerations to guide your quest for a diamond ring from Tiffany’s.

Know the Basics: 4Cs

Have you heard about the 4Cs before? If not, the 4Cs stand for color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The 4Cs are the global standard in assessing and comparing the quality of diamonds. A thorough understanding of the four C’s is worth your time. Not only will you impress others with your knowledge, you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation for Tiffany in their dedication to perfection in each of these global standards. When buying a diamond ring from Tiffany’s, you’re guaranteed to receive the ultimate in quality craftsmanship at every step. Afterall, every Tiffany diamond ring has earned that name – you can be sure you are buying the best.diamond ring from Tiffany’sA breakdown of the 4Cs and how Tiffany elevates the industry with each

Cut: Cut is the number one deciding factor of a diamond’s value. Select the ideal cut diamond to ensure it shines brilliantly. Every diamond ring from Tiffany’s is expertly cut to precise proportions that maximize its brilliance and beauty. Their experienced craftsman place quality over quantity, so they’ll even sacrifice some size if it means the diamond can shine better with a strategic cut.

Color: Go for a diamond in the colorless range G-I because the goal is to choose the diamond that appears white. Tiffany’s priority to precision-cut diamonds is largely based around achieving that ideal color range. Their craftsmen’s meticulous techniques expertly cut each diamond to catch the light for the optimal sparkle that symbolizes the celebratory moments in life.

Clarity: Clarity indicates that a diamond doesn’t have noticeable blemishes and inclusions to the naked eye. Depending on the shape of the diamond, choose an eye-clean diamond in the VS1-VS2 range. Tiffany actually only accepts less than half a percent of diamonds in order to guarantee exceptional quality.

Carat weight: It impacts how big a diamond looks (apparent size). Carat weight is the least important as you should first make sure the diamond has an excellent cut and color. When purchasing a diamond ring from Tiffany’s, this is never a concern because exquisite quality is always the top priority. Every Tiffany diamond holds an elegance, brilliance, and exquisite dispersion that leaves a stunning memorable impression.

An Array of Shapes

Selecting the perfect diamond ring from Tiffany’s for any occasion is probably easier than you think. This is because they offer a shape to represent anything a buyer wishes and express any style the wearer desires to portray. From round to square, heart-shaped, princess, emerald, oval, marchese, pear, and Tiffany’s newest True diamonds, shoppers will enjoy the experience searching for something to match any occasion!

A Setting That Stands Above all Others

Tiffany’s meticulous and impeccable craftsman are the original designers of the floating setting diamond rings from Tiffany’s are famous for today. The beautifully crafted setting is what puts these exquisite diamonds on display center stage with a sparkle that still creates an elegant impression. The ring wearer and everyone around them will appreciate that polished quality for years to come, not to mention generations to come.

Buying a Diamond Ring from Tiffany’s is Easier than Ever

Ring shopping doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. With a few simple reminders and tips, we hope that buyers will enjoy having a more expert eye as they seek the diamond ring they desire. We also hope that an educated eye brings a better appreciation for the outstanding quality Tiffany has continuously delivered for over a century. At The Diamond Oak, our principles are equally as meticulous and quality-focused. That’s why we’re proud to offer that historic Tiffany impeccable craftsmanship and promise of a special something extra to mark any important occasion our clients are celebrating. If you have any questions or seek more information on all things Tiffany, we would love to hear from you anytime.