Five Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned Jewelry

Tiffany & Co. has set the standard in diamond jewelry for more than 180 years. Any item of Tiffany jewelry is guaranteed to be unique, stunning, and an investment whose value grows over time. For these reasons, engaged couples often want to seal their commitment with Tiffany jewelry, but the investment to buy a real Tiffany ring can be expensive. There is a solution. Pre-owned engagement rings by Tiffany have all of the attributes of a new piece – and a few more! Here are five reasons to choose pre-owned over new.

Incredible Value

Pre-owned engagement rings by Tiffany are priced significantly lower than their new counterparts. However, since Tiffany is such an outstanding brand, the name itself means the value of the ring has never decreased. In some cases, it is worth more than its original pricing.


Tiffany jewelry comes in several collections, some of which have been retired. Some pre-owned engagement rings by Tiffany are rare or come from vintage/antique collections. With pre-owned you can truly have a one-of-a-king ring.

Pre-Owned Engagement Rings by Tiffany


Tiffany jewelry pioneered both settings and processes for a lot of their creations. This brand is more than 180 years old; some of their vintage rings were crafted by hand using old-word and/or superior techniques. Most pre-owned engagement rings by Tiffany simply outshine other rings on every level due to specialized craftsmanship and curated diamond selection.


There is a great movement and need to reduce consumption, reuse items, upcycle and recycle. This goes far beyond paper and plastics and into the goods we enjoy daily – including jewelry. Tiffany jewelry does not lose its value. A pre-owned ring gives it a second chance to light up someone’s life with no loss of value for having been loved by someone else first. Too many usable items are discarded simply because they have been used. Quality jewelry should not be one of them.

Pre-owned Engagement Rings by Tiffany Have a Story

There is something incredibly special about items that have been loved and cherished. The story behind them, even if you don’t know what that story is, really gives the item a different feel, or energy. Have you ever walked into a thrift store and saw an item that seemed to call your name? That you just had to have even if you don’t know why? The story of that item resonates with you on some level! Pre-owned engagement rings by Tiffany have a story – an incredible story of love. Your pre-loved ring may have graced the finger of a war bride. It may have been in a family for many years. It was created for love, it signifies love, and on your finger, that story gets to continue.

Tiffany jewelry is about a journey. Pre-owned engagement rings by Tiffany allow you to be part of an incredible love story that never has to end.