How the Tiffany Engagement Ring Became an Icon?

One hundred-thirty-five years after Charles Lewis Tiffany designed his iconic diamond setting, it continues to symbolize pure perfection and serve as the desired style for engagement rings today. Those who sell Tiffany engagement ring proudly continue a tradition of luxury and excellence nearly a century and a half old.

By raising the diamond above the ring’s band and holding it in place with six evenly spaced claws, the Tiffany engagement ring’s diamond appears to float while elegantly taking center stage. With the ability for light to better travel through the prongs from every direction and pass through the diamond, its dazzling sparkle is intensified. By elevating the diamond above the band where other jewelers designed engagement rings with stones placed close to the band, Tiffany literally elevated the entire engagement ring industry. His designs would accentuate the flawless beauty of the diamonds he selected and be free of distractions, such as the engravings and embellishments that were popular at the time.


Tiffany Engagement Ring

This seemingly simple change revolutionized the entire industry

While jewelry experts often refer to the setting design as being genius and masterful. It set Tiffany apart from the rest of the world’s jewelers as he created his signature engagement ring as the definitive symbol of ever-lasting love. It was brought to market with Tiffany’s name on it in 1886. As a signature brand, the Tiffany & Co. engagement ring debuted in the same year as other lasting icons, including Coca-Cola and the opening of the Statue of Liberty to the public, all of which have stood the test of time and remain meaningful to people around the world. Jewelers who sell Tiffany engagement rings are providing more than a ring purchase for couples; they’re sharing an enduring symbol of love and a refusal to settle for anything but the best.

While Tiffany products are viewed as exceptional, Tiffany wanted to sell Tiffany engagement rings to couples working with various budgets. Diamonds of different sizes were selected to help offer a wider range of pricing without allowing diamond quality, masterful craftsmanship, and the special experience of purchasing a Tiffany engagement ring to have ever wavered in all this time. To understand just how special that experience is and how Tiffany has set the standard of excellence, we can close our eyes and just picture what that elegant blue box means every time we see it in real life, on a glossy page, or on the screen.

Selling Tiffany engagement rings: the anniversary edition

In 2016, the 130th anniversary of the Tiffany engagement ring setting was celebrated with the launch of two new editions, including a limited selection of Pavé settings and a rose gold setting. In 2021, the public was fascinated by a brand refresh campaign that starred Beyoncé and Jay-Z, icons in their own right as well. A callback to the also iconic Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s ad invites both more traditional and younger generations to take that special Tiffany experience that is so much more than the exquisite ring itself. Amidst these progressions, the simple elegance and pure perfection of Tiffany’s classic solitaire engagement rings remains, as does the pride for those who sell Tiffany engagement rings. Contact us for more details.