Is it Worth Buying a Pre-Owned Tiffany Engagement Ring?

Tiffany’s engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of style, beauty, and commitment. They are one of the highest end jewelers in the country because their pieces are made with such exacting attention to detail. They also use the finest materials available to create each piece. For most people though, a ring direct from Tiffany is out of their grasp. That’s why we are proud to offer preowned engagement rings from Tiffanys at a variety of price points.

What is a Preowned Engagement Ring by Tiffanys?

Tiffany jewelry is timeless and that means these engagement rings keep their beauty forever. While a brand-new Tiffany piece is beautiful, rings that have been preowned and preloved are no less gorgeous. Purchasing preowned pieces also allows you the opportunity to find discontinued styles and designs that are no longer being produced.

Pre Owned Engagement Rings Tiffanys

The preowned market for Tiffany engagement rings is strong. We acquire the most beautiful and flawless rings and offer them to our exacting customers. Each of our rings comes with a Tiffany certificate of authenticity, the classic Tiffany engraved mark, a Tiffany original blue box, and lifetime service from Tiffany. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you change your mind.

Comparing New and Preowned

When comparing new and preowned engagement rings from Tiffanys, there are a few different things to consider. Price, certification, authentication, warranty, and condition are all important. We’ve put three preowned Tiffanys rings side-by-side with new versions to demonstrate the similarities and differences.


Preowned 1.70ct D SL1 ring

New 1.70ct D SL1 ring

Preowned 2.05ct IVVS1 ring

New 2.05ct IVVS1 ring

Preowned 1.40ct Soleste ring

New 1.40 Soleste ring

Selling Price







Tiffany certificate included

Tiffany Registered Inscription on Diamond

Authentic Tiffany Box

Lifetime Service from any Tiffany Location

Personalized Appraisal from Tiffany









As you can see, purchasing a preowned Tiffanys engagement ring comes with everything that you would expect from Tiffanys. They stand behind their rings for the lifetime of the ring itself, which is the ultimate in long-term commitment. Each Tiffany engagement ring comes with free ring polishing and a lifetime warranty.

Shopping with Confidence

When shopping for preowned engagement rings from Tiffanys, it is important to deal with someone that you trust. Make sure that you know the pieces you are purchasing are authentic. Always deal with experienced boutiques that put their customers first. Ask around for word-of-mouth referrals or look online for a variety of reviews before committing to a large purchase.

At The Diamond Oak, we stand behind every single one of our pieces and guarantee their authenticity. Our founder grew up as the son of a renowned diamond cutter in New York City. He became the head of his family’s prestigious diamond business and eventually opened The Diamond Oak.

Since 2018, our team here at The Diamond Oak has been specializing in preowned diamonds including preowned engagement rings from Tiffanys. We are inspired by our founder’s vision of helping our customers to celebrate their important milestones with beautiful jewelry.