The Guide to Bulgari Jewelry – Series Part 1

Known for its high quality and striking designs, Bulgari jewelry has quickly risen into popularity since its beginnings in the late 1800s. Today it is one of the most valued jewelry brands that can be found. Understanding the amazing designs and colorations of Bulgari jewelry will bring a new appreciation of its value. When looking to buy or sell Bulgari jewelry, this is essential.

Architectural Inspiration

One of the most intriguing aspects of Bulgari jewelry is the beautiful, Roman-inspired designs. When looking at a piece, you can pick out the details that belie the architecture of Rome. Cobblestone patterns created with gemstones or gold are a style favored in many pieces.

Sell Bulgari Jewelry

Reflections of stunning windows viewed from atop churches can also be seen. Their delicate wedge shapes create stunningly simple and delightful pieces when reflected in iridescent necklaces or bracelets.

To sell Bulgari jewelry, knowing the inspiration behind a piece can help draw an interested customer. Here at The Diamond Oak, we revel in the story of each piece of jewelry we help sell; the unique designs and their effects on the lives of the wearers bring excitement and pleasure.

Coloration to Sell Bulgari Jewelry

In the past, Bulgari jewelry has featured lightly colored gems such as diamonds. These gems are strikingly beautiful and have caught the eye of jewelry connoisseurs for decades. Their sparkle and shine set off vintage Bulgari jewelry with amazing style.

In more recent years, Bulgari has branched out its gem selection to include brighter colors. These stunning displays are a wonderful addition to Bulgari collections. While not completely outshining the diamonds of the past, the bright colors, and exuberant designs breathe fresh life into newer jewelry.

We value all types of Bulgari jewelry, whether brilliantly sparkling diamonds or a kaleidoscope of color. Different color patterns will attract different buyers, so knowing the tones and accompanying styles of the jewelry will help you sell Bulgari jewelry.

Serpenti Design

One of the signature designs of Bulgari jewelry is the Serpenti. Popular for decades, there are many collections featuring this design available today. The design began fairly abstract, featuring blocky snake segments and a head.

Today, the designs have gained greater refinement and have become more intricate. With gemstones acting as scales, the Serpenti design can wrap around a bracelet, necklace, or ring with grace.

No matter the style or age of the design, the Serpenti is classically Bulgari and continues in popularity. Owning a Serpenti piece will help you sell Bulgari jewelry successfully. The popular design will draw buyers vying for your pieces.

Whatever the inspiration, color scheme, or design of a Bulgari piece, it will be stunning. By knowing these details, along with a few others about the length and worth of your pieces, you will be able to sell Bulgari jewelry successfully. With the help of our trusted advisors, you’ll be able to gain a satisfactory price, leaving all parties smiling.

To learn more about selling your Bulgari jewelry, contact us.

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