Types of Diamond Rings for Different Occasions

It’s time to learn how to select the perfect diamond ring from Tiffany for any occasion. Ready? Let’s get started!

Engagement diamonds

Tiffany & Co has set the standard for engagement rings for more than 180 years. The reasons a diamond ring from Tiffany is so prized, are many. The quality is the best in the world thanks to a stringent curation process. The .925 sterling silver standard was pioneered by Tiffany. The settings are iconic.

Tiffany’s popular settings for engagement rings are the solitaire, halo and three stones. Each setting reflects the personality of the wearer. Solitaires are traditional and minimalist while standing out in the best possible way. Halos are a modern interpretation of the solitaire. Three-stone is incredibly eye-catching. No matter which engagement diamond ring from Tiffany you choose, you can never go wrong with any of their beautiful settings.

Wedding Bands

The celebration of love continues with Tiffany wedding bands. Beautiful bands for him are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and with or without gemstones. Bands for her can easily accommodate her engagement ring so she can wear both together in perfect harmony. A diamond ring from Tiffany does not have to be for an engagement only. Tiffany wedding bands run from classic to unique and feature the brand’s signature quality and style.Diamond ring from TiffanyCouples’ rings

Missed out on getting a diamond ring from Tiffany for your engagement or wedding? Then explore the wonderful world of Tiffany’s couple rings. These are his and hers bands (with or without diamonds) that are designed to complement each other while allowing masculine and feminine attributes to shine through. These matching bands are the ultimate expression of a couple’s love.

But do you need a reason to buy a diamond ring from Tiffany?

Much is made of love and coupledom when it comes to getting a diamond ring from Tiffany, but anyone is welcome to purchase a ring for any reason! Why? Because you love yourself. The iconic diamond ring from Tiffany is for everybody. The brand stands for the highest quality of jewelry, sustainable diamonds, love and eco-conservation. Tiffany has always been a leader in business from pioneering catalogue shopping to its diverse offerings of housewares and even entertainment. There are so many different styles and settings of diamond rings from Tiffany because Tiffany embraces, supports and leads in so many different things.

No matter if you are celebrating an engagement, a wedding, being a loving couple, or celebrating your unique self, there is a diamond ring from Tiffany to mark the occasion.

The Diamond Oak

The Diamond Oak helps diamond rings from Tiffany continue their journey. We authenticate and restore pre-owned rings and help our clients select their perfect match, online or in store.