Pre-Owned Engagement Rings from Tiffany: An Eco-conscious Choice

Since 1837 Tiffany & Co. has set the standard for diamond rings. In the world’s most stringent curation process, Tiffany only allows about 1 percent of the diamonds it inspects to be worthy of the Tiffany name. The brand has changed the world of jewelry in many ways, from the classic Tiffany setting to the .925 sterling silver band. For more than 180 years the name Tiffany has been in lockstep with the most desirable engagement rings on the planet. So, what do you do when you are eco-conscious but also want to present your love with a diamond of this quality?

The answer is simple. Once again, look to the standard maker; get a pre-owned engagement ring from Tiffany.

Why is pre-owned eco-conscious?

As we grow more aware of how our actions in mining, processing, shipping, and using and discarding consumables has affected the planet, many are seeking to do better. We consume less. We reuse. We upcycle. Gone are the days when an item lost its value simply because it was owned or used by another. Instead, there is a major comeback in turning away from mass cheaply produced goods and embracing the high quality goods that last a lifetime. Nowhere is this more apparent than in pre owned engagement rings from Tiffany.Pre-owned Engagement Rings Tiffany
Thanks to Tiffany’s unwavering commitment to quality in every aspect, pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany never lose their value. If anything, they appreciate in value over time. Ask anyone about to be engaged if they prefer a brand new generic diamond ring, or a pre-owned engagement ring from Tiffany & Co. The answer is always that iconic Tiffany ring in the signature blue box. Why? Because not only is it the most valuable ring on the planet, it is a no-compromise way to own a Tiffany diamond while sticking to eco-conscious living. Reuse instead of buy. Sell instead of discard. Less mining, shipping and processing while still getting that coveted ring. Pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany do all this – and more.

For profit? Or for sustainability?

Tiffany & Co. is a for-profit business, so are they on board with the idea of pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany? Yes! Since 2000, Tiffany & Co. Foundation has demonstrated the brand’s commitment to not just the arts, but also conservation. The Foundation has awarded more than USD $75 million to various causes. In 2015 Tiffany appointed its first chief sustainability officer and joined other global brands in a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions pledge (to achieve by 2050). This was followed in 2017 by the Tiffany Save the Wild collection and its subsequent millions in donations to the Wildlife Conservation Network. In 2018 Tiffany committed USD $1 million to help save the Great Barrier Reef.

Does this giant brand support pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany? Yes, because each time you sell a Tiffany diamond or buy a pre-loved ring, you help Tiffany & Co. reach their sustainability goals.

How to buy the best pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany

The Diamond Oak offers pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany online and in store. We carefully verify each purchase for authenticity. If required, we restore the piece to flawless, mint condition thanks to our team of specialists. For sellers, we offer your ring a chance to continue its journey by quickly providing an estimate, setting you up with secure shipping and providing prompt payment.

For all your pre-owned engagement rings from Tiffany, the answer is The Diamond Oak. Contact us for more information.