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      Tiffany & Co: the world’s standard of engagement ring excellence

      At The Diamond Oak, we feel our uncompromising standards of excellence are well-matched by Tiffany’s reputation for perfection. Just as Tiffany rejects over 99 percent of the world’s diamonds to ensure their gems are imperfection-free and flawless, we too believe our guests deserve nothing but the best in jewelry to showcase their love for one another. That’s why we proudly offer our clients a beautifully curated selection of diamond rings from Tiffany, so they can find the ring that best commemorates their love story.

      If you’ve got plans to pop the question in the near future, our master jewelers are here to guide you on your quest for the engagement ring of your – and your loved one’s – dreams. When you select a Tiffany’s ring to capture this moment of a lifetime, it comes with the brilliance, exquisite design, and gorgeous style that moment demands.

      Keep in mind that if you’re looking for diamond rings from other prestige brands like Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston and more, or one-of-a-kind non-branded pieces, we have an unparalleled selection of fine rings to match your style and preferences.

      An unparalleled history

      When you choose a diamond ring from Tiffany to represent your lifelong journey together, you’re embracing a history of the most innovative and expertly crafted jewelry on the planet. It’s a history that dates back to the 19th century when Charles Tiffany applied his passion for rare and unique diamonds to create a jewelry legacy that continues to dominate the industry today.

      In fact, Charles Tiffany’s entry into the U.S. jewelry market saw the media celebrate him as the “King of Diamonds.” Combining his artful eye for design with an intuitive understanding that the highest quality diamonds would captivate people, Charles launched a company that would forever be iconic for jewelry lovers around the world. This reputation was solidified with the “Tiffany Diamond,” a 287.42-carat diamond cut to 128.54 carats with 82 facets in Charles’ never-ending quest for perfection. This diamond remains one of the most important in the world and Tiffany lovers can view it right here in New York City.

      It's all in the setting

      When Charles Tiffany established his diamond ring as the highest standard, it was marked by his 1886 launch of the Tiffany® Setting. Diamond rings from Tiffany are in a class of their own with their floating diamond-like appearance thanks to their elusive six-prong setting. Nearly a century and a half later, that Tiffany-unique setting symbolizes a timeless elegance and the most exceptional craftsmanship.

      Symbolize your love with an exquisite ring

      The impeccable craftsmanship and design of a diamond ring from Tiffany announces to the world that your love story is one that’s written to last forever. At the Diamond Oak, we’ve made it our mission to curate a collection that offers the perfect engagement ring to meet your personal style and represent the love you share. Whether it’s the classic feel of a solitaire setting, a desire for dramatic bling in a princess or marquis cut, or a vintage vibe with a pre-loved and renewed diamond, we’ve got the Tiffany’s ring you’ve always dreamed of.

      Looking for diamond rings from other prestige brands? The Diamond Oak has an extensive inventory of exquisite diamond rings from leading makers, including:

      Prefer a one-of-a-kind piece you won’t find anywhere else? Our master jewelers can help you find unique, non-branded diamond rings that perfectly match your style and reflect the most special moments in your life. We sell only premium-quality non-branded items, ensuring you’ll find a distinctive piece at the best possible price.

      At The Diamond Oak, we’re proud to carry a large inventory of diamond rings that allows us to sell them at a discounted price. Essentially, we are always running a sale because our Tiffany rings tend to be 30-to-50 percent below average retail prices. Forget the rush of a Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day sale and enjoy a memorable and wonderful shopping experience all year long with The Diamond Oak, including any of our Tiffany rings on sale.